1962-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1962 November Voice - Page 24

The New No. 16 i^csii iveryesie HAS BEEN LOO!-’ BAR-B-DON Stables ' • PLEASURE HORSES ® BROOD MARES, direct daughters of Midnight Sun. With Celts by side. * YEARLINGS • SHOW PROSPECTS * AT STUD GALLANT SUM M Grandsires, Midnight Sun & Merry Boy TRAINING SHOWING BOARDING D. L. CASSIDY D.V.M., Owner BOB ONEY, Trainer MONTICELLO, IOWA Phone HO 5-3311 c n oo X) m This Photo Actual Size—4 Inches "For Want of a Nail the Shoe Was Lost, "For Want of a Shoe the Horse Was Lost, "For Want of a Horse the Rider Was Lost; "For Want of a Rider the Battle Was Lost; "For Want of a Battle the Kingdom Was Lost." O 5 C Z -f m v*J CO I 33 cr cn w a= This Special Nail For Show Horses (Manufactured in Sweden) Is Available Only Through The BLUE RIBBON LEATHER CO. SHELBYVILLE, TENNESSEE rn m o r CT > t? w t—< > 2 r* r* n z 2 o o X Z