1962-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1962 November Voice - Page 19

Voice of the Tennessee Walking Horse 17 Kalamazoo Show Features Walker A “Little Celebration'' horse show featuring the Tennessee Walker was staged Sept. 15-16 at Kalamazoo, Mich., and it attracted much attention North Carolina -reports Mrs. Darlene Haase, Route GO BOY'S REBEL No. 54088 by Merry Go I, Box 309, Augusta. Mich. It was Boy out of Scottie Bell. Dr. H. M. Potent, staged by the Tennessee Walking Rebel Farm, Smithfield. N. C. BONNER’S MIDNIGHT No. 580701, (by Pleasure Horse Club of that area. Arkansas The entire show had 56 classes of Society Man). W. H. Tadlock, Phone Madi­ RODGERS’ PERFECTION at Dr. Porter son 4-2831, Marshville, N. C. which approximately 30 were for Ten­ Rodgers’ Farm, Searcy, Ark. Fee $500. Phone nessee Walkers. 5-2830. Winners in the Grand Champion North Dakota Walking Horse Stake were: LIBERACE'S PLAYBOY, fee S100; and California 1st Southern Belle B, owned by Hal MERRY BOY’S MAJOR, fee $75, at Calvin DARE DEVIL, by Cruising Along 391191 out Stables, Rhame, North Dakota. Hoham, Auburn, Ind.; 2nd Miss Gee of Black Gift 400917 at The Reagan’s Walk­ Miller's Phone BR 9-3420. Gee, D. J. Rush, Clarkston, Mich.; ing R Ranch, Mt. Pinos Road, Maricopa, 3rd Whispering Pines Stardust, Dr. Calif. John Sackett, Kalamazoo, Mich.; 4th DIAMOND STROLLER-613111 (by Dia­ Ohio mond Red out of Frosty Yorba) at H & M Sir Mau’s Rebel Gray, R. E. Mur- Stables, 7061 Atlantic Ave. Phone MEtcalf THE PENNSYLVANIAN at Walking "H” barger, Muskegon, Mich.; 5th Sit- 0-4227, Long Beach, 5, Calif. Farm, Box 116, Chardon, Ohio. George and Henry’s Redtop, Sterling Curtis, Dorothy Holmes, owners. Phone Chardon Swartz Creek, Mich., 6th, Merry Bo 5-4931 or 6-3641. Boy’s Son, D. J. Rush, Clarkston, Indiana M ich. GOLD SHADOW at Arnold Habig Stables, Alabama ALABAMA GO BOY’S PRINCE (shown as Go Boy’s Millionaire) al Lakeside Farms, Highway 79 between Guntersville and Scottsboro. Fee $100. Phone 582- 5680. Guntersville, Ala. Stables, Jackson, Miss. Fee $150. Phones EM 2-5778 and FL 5-4511. Jasper, Indiana. Phones, day 1119-K, night 1270-K. Oregon MACK K. BIGRED 610115 by Diamond Lil Man by Midnight Mack K. by Midnight Sun out of Viki Allen (Giovanni mare). Phone 343-5617. Sydney Robbins, 2424 Madrona Drive, Eugene, Oregon. Iowa MIDNIGHT MOSHUN by Midnight Sun out of a Merry Go Boy mare. Fee $50. Phone 824-3579. Warren D. Eyre, Grundy Center, Iowa. Kentucky GO-BOY’S SUN-UP at Luther Hankins’ Stables, U.S. 41-A, Madisonville, Kentucky. Phones: day, Madisonville TA 1-4237, night, Providence MO 7-5568. MIDNIGHT BEAU Midnght Sun out of Snip’s Chance (Last Chance.) Powell Stables, Phone 789-3171, Paintsville, Ky. Michigan GO BOY’S SENTINEL at H. Hayner’s Valley Dale Farm, Galesburg, Michigan; Fee $100. Phone Kalamazoo FI 2-5370 evenings. Mississippi GO BOY’S SHADOW at H. C. Bailey’s Buys Farm Near Glasgow, Ky. Reid V. Williams reports he has bought the Walking W Farm near Glasgow, Ky., on 31-E South, formerly known as the Sunny Chat Stables. He plans to board, train and sell horses. Visitors are welcome. South Carolina OUR SUN DUST 530014 by Midnight Sun out of Mary Gold Allen. Mrs. Harold Major, Rt. 2 Anderson, S.C. Phone Canal 5-8089. Tennessee MERRY GO BOY at S. W. Beech’s Farm, Rt. 5. Lewisburg, Tcnn.; fee $200. Phone CR 6-2475. MIDNIGHT GOLD SUN at J. G. Walker’s Stables, Wartrace, Tenn., Fee $75. Phone FU 9-6190. SETTING SUN, fee $100; MERRY BOY’S F-88 fee $50; and GORDON’S MERRY BOY, fee $50, all at Sam Paschall’s Stables, Murfreesboro, Tenn. Phone 873-7248. SON OF MIDNIGHT at H. F. Worrell’s Soli­ tude Stock Farm, Goodlettsville, Tenn. Old Dickerson Road. Phone UL 9-1177. Fee $150. SUN’S GUN SMOKE at Toby Green’s Stables, Shelbyville, Tenn. Fee $100. Phone MU 4-5572. MIGHTY SUN, by Midnight Sun out of Merry Midge at Elmore Brock's Stables, Sparta, Tenn. Fee $100.00. TEXAS MERRY BOY’S FLASH by Merry Boy; dam, Trail Blazer by Frank Wilson’s Allen. Floyd’s Walking Horse Farm, Rt. 1, Denison, Texas—East Texas State Road. Michigan Assn. Elects Officers Officers for the Walking Horse Asso­ ciation of Michigan were elected at the group’s annual meeting held at the Civic Center in Lansing. For 1963 the officers are: President, Dr. John Sackett of Kal­ amazoo; vice-president, Victor Buck- nell of Vicksburg; secretary, Paige Emmons of Galesburg; treasurer, Mary Rice of Galesburg; board mem­ bers, D. J. Rush, Clarkston; Ronald Embury, Battle Creek; Leo Barth, Freeport. ‘Both Tears And Smiles’ "A friend of ours gave us the April issue of your magazine. We enjoyed it so much we subscribed,” write Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Long, Route 1, Springboro Road, Lebanon, O. "It is so warm and friendly, so full of helpful facts. Your articles and let­ ters from the readers have brought both tears and smiles to us.” (Note- Personal letters are like that when they carry the story of the Tennessee Walking horse in the lives of people. BAG).