1962-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1962 November Voice - Page 17

Voice of the Tennessee Walking Horse Minister Loses Both Stud, Mare lit Gains Colt A story of some misfortune with his Tennessee Walking Horses is told by Mr. William F. Ambrose, minister of the Pleasant Hill Christian Church, P. O. Box 81, Gasburg, Va. “We have had the misfortune of iosing a three-year-old stud by Merry Go Boy and a six-year-old mare by Midnight Mack K in the past 18 months and that has nearly put us out of Walking Horse activity,” he writes. "However, last spring while on a preaching mission in the Roanoke, Va., area I ran across a year-old white stud colt by Girl In Society, tracing back through Ross Allen, Major Bowes to Roan Allen F-38 on the dam’s side (twice), and sired by Snow King D tracing to Merry Boy twice and Roan Allen F-32 twice on the sire's side. “The people who owned the colt were not aware of what they had save that his sire and dam were registered. I spent two days tracing down the papers and pedigree. Bought the colt and he’s a real one. We plan to start him under saddle in January. “Looks like we are back in the Walking Horse business again. We are noL trying to find a few brood mares in foal (on a preacher’s salary) but after our two losses it's a slow go. Got started with Walking Horses while running bird dogs in field trials. Now the dogs take second place to the horses. (Note—That mention of field trials comes up frequently. Seems no horse is like a Tennessee Walker for training the dogs. BAG). 15 Hawaii Offers Promising Land for Walkers, Mrs. Ann Ohrel Finds On Visit To Islands Hawaii—the 50th state—is ready to welcome the Tennessee Walking Horse—in numbers. That’s the report received by the Voice from a good friend—Mrs. Ann B. (M.G.) Ohrel, whose home address is Sanbino Canyon Road, near Tucson, Arizona. You remem­ ber the April issue of the Voice car­ ried a picture of Mrs. Ohrel on Charley—one of the 32 Ohrel horses taken front Colorado (near Ft. Col­ lins) to Arizona so the drier climate would help the arthritis of Danny Boy, the family's prize TWH stal­ lion. Mrs. Ohrel gives this report of con­ ditions found: "While I was visiting my parents in Kailua, I took time to visit the stables on the windward side of Oahu and everyone seems to be very in­ terested in Walking Horses. Two Pleasure Mares “Mr. Earl Thacker has two pleas­ ure mares which he bought in Cali­ fornia and has given to his children for their use. The Thacker ranch has many trails to ride on and Mr. Thacker is looking forward to getting a good mount for himself to enjoy. “Weaver Stables in Waimanalo have a barn full of good gaited horses which they use as both school horses and for showing in the island show's. "Marvin Morrison is convinced Walking Horses would be ideal in the islands as there are so many re­ tired people living there and also they would be an asset to the shows. I hope to make arrangements in the near future to send over a good horse for Mr. Morrison to show and to stir up interest in our breed. "Saddle City, owned by Dee Gib­ son, is a big operation and includes Wants Word On Riding “I love Tennessee Walking Horses more than anything else in the whole world,” says Kate Bunker, 324 S. 12th St., Philadelphia, Pa. I wondered if best possible instruction is recom­ there was any specific way you ride a mended. Tennessee Walker, and that if you Always stressed by most instructors didn’t ride him whether it would af­ is to beware of hurting the horse's fect him any.” mouth with severe handling of the bit. (Note—Kate, you need a Walking One strange thing about riding is that Horse friend in your community to the world’s greatest riders all seem to answer your questions. Naturally, a have variations in style. It is based to horse is kept in better condition if a large degree on preference, size of ridden and kept as a riding horse. the horse, size of the rider and other There are many points about riding factors. We urge some reader in your that one should understand—and the area to communicate with you. BAG). a saddle shop, cafe and lounge, and complete training f acilities. Lee Hendricks, famous for his trained horses and animal acts, is in charge of stock horse training and dressage. Betty Fawks, a Kentucky girl, will be working with the gaited and Walking Horses. Betty has shown Walking Horses throughout the South and is highly qualified. My mother has bought a pleasure gelding from me and we are delivering him as well as several other Walkers to new owmers in Hawaii. Big November Show “There is a big show in late November so we are taking the horses early enough to get them ready to show. I left my copy of ‘Free & Easy’ (the Breeders’ Assn, motion picture film made several years ago) with Mr. Gibson and he has been showing it to saddle clubs and civic groups. There has been a lot of interest shown. “I think that as soon as we can show the people what a Walking Horse can do, they will gain rapidly in popularity and it will probably turn into a problem to find enough horses suitable to send over. “I would like to send a Voice sub­ scription to each of the above men­ tioned stables, and their addresses are listed below. "Weaver Show Stables, 41-1240 Kalanianaole Hiway, Waimanalo, Hawaii, and Saddle City, c.o. Dee Gibson, 41-1791 Kalanianaole, Wai­ manalo, Haw'aii. I hope you got my sister's order for a Voice subscription and also for the Biography of the Tennessee Walking Horse. She rode one of my horses while visiting me and now wants one for herself. Her name is Mrs. Cl audia Hoffman.” (Note—Many thanks, Mrs. Ohrel, for your fine letter about the Hawai­ ian Frontier facing the Tennessee Walking Horse. With missionaries like the Ohrels and their relatives and friends leading the advance, the breed has its shock troops in action. The Ohrel name has been long attached to the forward progress of the Tennessee Walking Horse. Our letter was re­ ceived at just about Celebration-time. We regret delay in its publication. Thanks again. BAG).