1962-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1962 November Voice - Page 16

14 November , 1962

Virginia Lamb ' s Own Column BY VIRGINIA LAMB

Voice Pacific Coast Representative 2901 37th Avenue , Sacramento , Calif .
Washoe Horseman ' s Park , Reno , Nevada — An important meeting was held here Oct . 6 to discuss the possibilities of establishing a new foothold in the state of Nevada for the Tennessee Walking Horse for the purpose of breeding , show , pleasure , etc .
This meeting took place through the joint efforts of a group of Sacramento area people , including Mr . Leonard Dunn of Leonard Dunn Walking Horse Stables , Sacramento ; Mrs . Sylvia Richardson , Sacramento ;
Mr . Cecil Quick , Carmichael ; and Mrs . Charlie Simpkins , Auburn . Organizers from the Reno side were Mr . and Mrs . Vern Cullen , 1500 Clough Road , Reno , and Mrs . Helen Noyes , P . O . 843 , Reno .
Approximately 50 people attended , including Les Milan , Saddlebred and Hackney breeder ; Mr . and Mrs . Clarence Bath , Saddlebred owner and other owners of Arabians , Standardbreds , Morgans , Quarter Horses and parade horses .
All of these good people were overwhelmed with the Tennessee Walking Horse as shown in movies taken of
Childhood Dream Comes True When Mrs . Alice Rust Gets Her Walker
“ Since subscribing lo ibe ' Voice ', I have become the happy owner of a lovely sorrel mare , TWH , of course . She is really a ‘ dream come true ’ for me ,” writes Mrs . Alice T . Rust , 2206 Springdale Road , Richmond , 22 , Va .
“ Since childhood my one big dream was of having , first a pony , then a horse , of my very own . And , having a Grandfather in Tennessee who told his granddaughter Walking Horse stories instead of fairy tales , it had to be a Walker .
“ When my Mother is North Carolina heard about ‘ Ginger ,’ as she ’ s nicknamed , she ( Mother ) said ‘ Some dreams really do come true .’ And so they do , not perhaps the first time you dream them , but , some day , some dreams really do come true . And when I ride my Ginger by moonlight on these Indian Summer evenings , I know this is true .
“ I only wish that my Grandfather ( Dr . Frank Hargis of Wartrace and Nashville ) could have lived to know of his ‘ ■little ’ Alice ( my Grandmother was also Alice ) finally got her wish .
" My husband doesn ’ t ride , but he insists ' Ginger ’ s the best looking horse ‘ in these parts ', and is always ready to extend a helping hand in caring for her .
“ So you see , this is just a ’ happy ’ letter — no backaches to cure , no headaches , no problems — just a dream come true .
“ Wishing you and your wife the best of everything ( and there are a lot of things better than a fur stole ) and continued success with the ‘ Voice .’ Sincerely , Alice T . Rust .”
( Note — Alice , we are " happy ” indeed to print a happy letter like yours — and also a happy letter like the one from Mrs . Jewel Hopkins Boyd , in this issue , telling how love for the Tennessee Walking Horse has inspired her fight for life and health . Mary Frances does not put the “ fur stole ” above all other things — by any means — but a woman of her years who has given so much to so many other people all the time has “ earned a fur stole ” just because she wants one . Remember , both she and her husband are on the “ shady side of sixty ” and its gets shadier by the day . In fact , Mary Frances does not even dream about having or riding a Tennessee Walking Horse . She ' s satisfied lo see others ride and if we happen by your house in daytime we ’ II call on you for an exhibition canter on Ginger . Thanks much — for an entertaining letter — and I am sure you will make many others happy by reading it . BAG .) broodmares , foals , two-year-olds , equitation stock and show horses .
The movies showed the difference in how these horses are started as pleasure horses and show horses from the time they are first broke until finished . A discussion was held , and questions were asked and answered regarding the various phases of the Walking Horse . Several persons who attended are now making a 140-mile round trip to Sacramento to Reno to take equitation lessons to further them in this field .
I am proud to say my own young stallion brought about this meeting . At first these Walking Horse people were unhappy and had decided to quit — to sell out lock , stock and barrel .
They came to Sacramento to make arrangements to do this . But after seeing a young stallion in training , and finding there was more to the horse than just horse — they changed their minds and decided to hold the Reno meeting .
Now with renewed enthusiasm and a better understanding of the Walking Horse , they are going to continue to raise and breed these fine animals .
One man spoke to me and said : “ I have always been a Saddlebred man , not too interested in other breeds , until tonight . Now I know there IS another breed , the Tennessee Walking Horse .
I do so urge all people in Reno or in Nevada generally , who are even slightly interested in the Tennessee Walking Horse , to contact M r s . Beverly Cullen , 1500 Clough Road , Reno , or Mrs . Helen Noyes , P . O . Box S43 , Reno .
I think this meeLing was most successful and wish also to take this opportunity to thank all representatives of other breeds for attending to find out more about the Tennessee Walking Horse .
Trying To Buy A Farm
Curtis E . Lee of Route 3 , Box 158 , Somerville , Ala ., says he owns two Tennessee Walking Horses and " at present we are trying to buy a farm , which we hope to turn into a Tennessee Walking Horse farm . Incidentally , I work for NASA at the Marshall Space Flight Center ( RedsLone Arsenal ) where I help build the fastest transportation man ever rode . ( I said build , not ride ) . I ’ ll take my riding on a Tennessee Walker any day .” ( Note — Cood luck to Curtis in his search . He ’ ll surely be an asset to the industry . BAG .)