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4 December , 1962
Since its start in 1943 , more than $ 300,000 in horse show profits have been earned for the crippled children by the members of the Dayton Shrine .
\ Y . C . Maclnnis Parade Marshal
Florida will certainly be one-up on California unless they have Walking Horses in the Rose Bowl Parade , which 1 am told they have not had heretofore . The Grand Marshal of Tampa ’ s ( Florida ) famous Gasparilla Parade on February 11 , 1963 will be W . C . Maclnnis . Knowing Mr . Maclnnis ' penchant for Walking Horses , am sure he will be astride one at this gala time .
Boswells Build Barn Henry Boswell , vice president , and Bootsie Boswell , secretary of the Tennessee Walking Horse Association of Florida , have recently built a new barn in St . Petersburg , Florida for their five registered Tennessee Walkers . The Boswells hope to enter the amateur ranks as exhibitors in the area very soon .
Competition Or Exhibition ?
Station WTVT ( CBS ) in Tampa , Florida is hereby publicly thanked for permitting your humble servant to appear on a sports program , affording the opportunity to explain the lact that tite showing of horses is a sport . Tom Kelly , Sports Editor of the St . Petersburg , ( Florida ) Times , who appeared with me on this program , made the argument for the opposition , contending that horse shows are strickly exhibitions . He did not close the door , however , and stated his mind is still open to further discussion . Hope to eventually convince Tom Kelly , so that results of horse shows will be carried in the sports section of his , and other papers .
Lavender Show Chairman
Had a nice visit with Jack Lavender in Sarasota Florida . Jack hopes to have several Walking Horse classes in the horse show for which he has been named chairman . This will probably be a ttvo day show in February or March , the exact dates and details will appear in the next issue .
Grand National On TV Speaking of TV shows , hope till my gentle readers had the distinct pleasure of viewing the national showing of llie 6th Grand National Horse Show from the Cow Palace in San Francisco , California , in conjunction with the Roy Rogers-Dale Evans hourlong program ( ABC ) .
To Promote Walker Classes
At a special meeting held in St . Petersburg , Florida on November 14th , 1962 , the Tennessee Walking Horse Association of Florida passed the following resolution .
“ Be it resolved , to furnish a representative of the Association to appear before any Group in any City in Florida to help promote any horse show which includes at least six ( 6 ) ribbon Walking Horse Classes .
Without cost to the Group putting on this type show , a representative of the Tennessee Walking Horse Association of Florida will have a well prepared talk similar to the presentations given to service clubs i . e .; Rotary , Optimists , etc . ... In some instances films might be available as well as a live horse exhibit when the space is provided . While our main interest is the Walking Horse we will include comment on horses and horse shows in general . Where permissible a live horse will be paraded through the city or stationed at a prominent place to help advertise the coming show .
“ Our purpose and hope is by popularizing and promoting the Tennessee
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