1962-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1962 December Voice | Page 28

Pedigreed W® Akers Scot!© Watch For TENNESSEE WALKER From New Jersey Registered Walkers For Sale Choice Yearling Studs, Fillies and Mares. Come and see the 1962 foals. 3-Year-Old Black Stallion PEARL TOMPKINS Bar 7 7 Ranch SHINING SUN, JR. ELMO, Montana Sire: Midnight Shining Sun On the shores of Beautiful FLATHEAD LAKE, Dam: Black Mist On U.S. 93—35 miles south of Kalipsell, Montana 1st in Junior Class Williamsport, Pa, 3rd in Junior Stake Youngstown, O. LET US TAKE CARE OF ¥001! His Flat-Foot Walk—Swell His Running Walk—Just Right Tennessee Walking Horses This Winter His Canter—Rocking Chair Rhythm OWNER "We have a brand new barn with 16 stalls and own seven registered horses ourselves. We have on hand riders to exercise your horses. We will feed them well, have them in great shape for next season. I hove lived in my community more than 50 years. Ask anyone about me. Paul J. Brienza—Morristown, N. J. Ridden and Trained By DICK SWEIGART Normandale Farms—Palmyra, Pa. EMMITT JORDAN STABLES Fall River Road—Route 5 LAWRENCEBURG, TENN. C/5 03 m Z 3 > m c D ^ c z Zo r- 73 FOR SALE Yearling Colts Brood Mares Riding Horses See L. C. FRITZSCHE S. W. BURNS CARL INGLE HENRY BROWN Contact Through L. C. FRITZSCHE CO. MU 4-4431-100 Deery St. Shelbyville, Tenn. MIDNIGHT Sportsmen™ Now S&oinidSiiinig At m m v-0 CO O' m o.' r- 03 LC < r* m SUNNY ACRES STABLES Jonesboro, Tenn. c: Z Z