1961 Magazine Fall 2016 | Page 30


Adversity Makes You Who You Are .

Written by Michael Gregson Photography by Abul Shah Gracious Photography
I do not profess to be a lover , or even a casual observer , of British politics . To me , the British parliamentary system is akin to watching very expensive paint dry while some high born codger provides the play-by-play . Nothing can take longer to accomplish nothing and be painstakingly boring while doing so . Enough said on that .
Once in a while however , a politician can break the monotony and stand out above the crowd for one reason or another . Of course , here in Canada we very rarely find this elusive mixture of competency and panache unless you count Doug Ford , who has neither , but brazenly mixes incompetence with a distinct lack of intelligence set at high volume . In short , not the direction we should be going . However , we can harken back to the days of Pierre Trudeau , one Canadian who made politics truly interesting and , in my opinion , made the notion of government accessible to the people . Love him or hate him , he had a unique flair and has proved an outlier in our parliamentary culture . Again , not to get off on a tangent but growing up Canadian in small city Ontario , politics was not exactly top of mind as I never saw how it interacted with my life of high school , hockey and girls . It is no wonder why I look at British politics and have the same autonomous response of asking myself , “ what else is on ?”
So when I was given the opportunity to interview Lord Taylor of Warwick , an active member of the House of Lords at Westminster ( you know … the neat building in London with the big clock on top ), I said “ who ?”, then of course I said , “ Sure ! I love London !” Typical