19-20 Instate Viewbook 19-20 Instate Viewbook | The University of Utah - Page 4

Jacqueline L. “I began my college career as a biology major, thinking that was the only way to achieve my dreams in the medical field. During my sophomore year, my advisor showed me that there were many more options for me to get where I wanted to be. I fell in love with the classes in the Health, Society and Policy program, and because of the amazing program and the advice I received from my advisor, I was lucky enough to get a job doing cancer research at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. I’ve even had some of my research published! MAJOR: HEALTH SOCIETY AND POLICY MINOR: CHEMISTRY YEAR: SENIOR 3 U The University of Utah I’ve also been able to participate as a member of the American Chemical Society, NRHH, ACCESS, Campus Life Mentor, and tennis club, to name a few. The U has definitely provided me with the experience I was looking for in college. I have been able to find such a healthy mix of work and play and really feel like I’ve been able to find myself here.” Learn from Jacqueline’s experience by exploring your interests and getting involved on campus. Imagine U 4