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How do I get financial aid? NOVEMBER University of Utah Scholarships Institutional scholarships awarded to freshman students based on academic merit and other criteria. Departmental Scholarships Scholarships awarded by specific departments and colleges across campus. Outside Scholarships Scholarships provided by private companies and organizations. Grants Need-based financial assistance provided by various sources that is not repaid. Federal Work Study This is a federal award that provides the opportunity for on-campus, part-time employment. On-campus jobs The University of Utah employs thousands of students every year, working around busy schedules and individual needs. Federal Loans This is a type of financial assistance provided by the federal government and must be repaid. Visit financialaid.utah.edu to learn more about the financial aid options at the U. Apply for admission by NOVEMBER 1 of your senior year to receive priority consideration for admission and AUTOMATIC CONSIDERATION for our top SCHOLARSHIPS You can also review other available scholarships and 71 41 U The University of Utah create an action plan to turn yourself into a top candidate. % OF STUDENTS RECEIVE SOME FORM OF FINANCIAL AID Be sure to check the criteria and set specific goals. Some scholarships require a certain GPA and/or test score, while others ask for extracurricular activities. Visit scholarships.utah.edu to get started. Imagine U 42