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Opportunities & events Congratulations Alumni in the picture Alumni Applause Theses On 20 November 2014 , Marie Gildemyn, IOB researcher, successfully defended her IOB doctoral thesis: ‘The role and influence of civil society organisations that are involved in the monitoring and evaluation of government programmes and policies’ Belayeth Hussain (Bangladesh, IOB alumnus, class 2007-08) has successfully defended his PhD entitled “Disciplinary technologies of microfinance institutions in Bangladesh: a comparison of BRAC and BRDB programs” at the University of Kassel, Germany. Auxilia Kambani at Lima Climate Change Conference (COP 20) Peru as part of Zambian delegation! Other Thank you Roma Atabug & Alellie Sobreviñas (Philippines, IOB alumnae,2012-13 & 2006-07) for representing the University of Antwerp at the European Higher Education Fair in Manila! It was the first time that a Belgian University was represented at the European Higher Education Fair. Graduation ceremony class 2013-14. Listen to the passionate and inspiring speech by Maja Vukovic (Montenegro, class 2013-14) Or enjoy the beautiful musical interlude by Vida Ravazi (Iran, class 2013-14) on a Dotar, a traditional long-necked two-stringed lute, an Iranian instrument dating back to the 15th century. Michel Makinga (DRC, IOB alumnus, 2011-12) winner of the United Nations University (UNU) ‘How to improve ODA’ merit competition. Congrats Michel! Imke Verburg recently started ‘One dress for all’, which involves 100 Sri Lankan women in the production of beautiful dresses and bags 24 - 26 June 2015 IOB Birthday conference: Development 2.0 or “Business as usual”? Private Sector, Institutions and Development Conference IOB 50 years: Call for Papers and Panels: For the celebration of IOB ‘s 15th anniversary and 50 years of Development studies at UAntwerp, IOB is organizing a CERES Summer School 2015 & IOB 50|15 Conference: Development 2.0 or “Business as usual”? Private Sector, Institutions and Development A call for panels and papers is currently open! More info: https://www.uantwerpen. be/en/faculties/iob/events-andseminars/15-50-development-studies/ Deadline for abstract submission: 16 March 2015 Strengthening National Monitoring and Evaluation Capacities and Use: National Evaluation Societies as a Driving Force (promoter prof. N. Holvoet). The training programme aims to bring together leading members of National Evaluation Societies in developing countries to strengthen those evaluation societies in taking up the role of developing national M&E capacities and use. More specifically, this training programme will enable 20 evaluation experts whom are members of different national evaluati