1221_GSEC Digital Edition - Page 8



10 . Welcome

GSEC board chair Michael J . Guyette discusses the organization ’ s approach to building a strong , resilient region

12 . Next Out West

GSEC positions Sacramento region to attract futuristic industry
By Bill Sessa

20 . Leveraging DEI to Scale the Future of Work

Digital Upskill program to benefit all By Jennifer von Geldern

26 . Helping Startups Succeed

How accelerators power regional economic growth
Interviews by Jessica Laskey

34 . Pathways to Homeownership for All

Community Reinvestment Coalition will fund affordable housing
Interviews by Jessica Laskey

38 . The Greater Sacramento Region By the Numbers

16 . Elevating Future Mobility

California Mobility Center helps Sacramento go global
By Ken Smith

30 . A Sustainable Future Through Innovative Technology

GSEC connects startups to regional talent By Jessica Hice
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