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Engaging You , LLC
Engaging You , LLC

Michael Poindexter ’ s motto , “ The learner comes first ,” has shaped his long , successful career in the field of higher education . As founder and CEO of the educational consulting business Engaging You , LLC , Poindexter works with colleges and universities nationwide on strategic planning , recruitment and retention enrollment management issues and guided pathways to transformational change . Poindexter established Engaging You in 2017 but has held key president and vice president positions with colleges and universities and has worked with the world ’ s largest enrollment management company , the Department of Education , as well as educational associations and educational institutions across the U . S . for more than 25 years with significant success . “ My many positions with various colleges enable me to be a consultant for other colleges and universities ,” says Poindexter , who has held key administrative and faculty positions with Sacramento City College , Drexel University and City College of San Francisco . Internationally known for his work , Poindexter also helps colleges and universities improve equity within their institutions by using the guided pathway format . “ I help them move from the equality stage to the equity stage ,” he explains . “ Students are different and require different methods to reach their potential .” Poindexter ’ s goal is to be an advocate for colleges and universities with their strategic planning , to help recruit and retain students and to

implement strategies for equity to attain an educated society . “ I will continue to help colleges and universities to assist students ,” he says . “ These institutions know what they need to do but need someone to come in and create a process to get there . I create the guided pathways for students , faculty , staff and administration to reach their goals .”

“ Bringing these groups together helps us do more to create jobs than we can do on our own .”

Jose Bodipo-Memba , Director of Sustainable Communities , SMUD
work that provides access to operating engineers and other energy management professionals . Graduates can then find work in the solar , wind and construction industry as the demand grows for more cost-effective energy systems .
About 200 people have completed training over the last two years , but longterm sustainability is the goal so people can “ have jobs or perhaps learn another trade and can sustain the community when the funding for the Collective runs out ,” says SBCC President and CEO Azizza Davis-Goines .
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