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community for Prosper at the Annual Legislative Conference .
“ There ’ s always movement on issues when you can get the ear of congressional leaders ,” Lee says . “ Prosper also provides an opportunity to share with other stakeholders around the country how our chamber is working with local utilities , health care providers or law enforcement about building healthy , sustainable communities . The SBCC does a great job illustrating what partnerships can be between agencies and the business community . Not all chambers are as forward-thinking and try to be involved in policy .”
In addition to the Congressional Black Caucus , the SBCC also seeks to connect with legislators closer to home in the California Legislative Black Caucus . Among California ’ s 40 senators and 80 assembly members , 11 form the CLBC . In August , the SBCC put on a networking mixer for local African American-owned businesses to meet with CLBC members . Senator Steven Bradford , chair of the CLBC , and Mike Gipson , chair of the Democratic Caucus of the State Assembly , were among those who attended , along with many SBCC members .
“ The CLBC is central to networking ,” says Simeon Gant , the CLBC senior consultant who helped arrange for caucus members to attend the mixer . “ There are a lot of opportunities for businesses coming from government and business owners are often unaware that those opportunities exist . The CLBC serves as a centralized informational and organizational opportunity for business owners so they know what government
has to offer or how they can network with one another .”
Prior to his role of providing legislative , administrative and public affairs support to the CLBC , Gant assisted the SBCC in teaching members how to advocate for their issues at the State Capitol , City Hall or on a school board . He was also executive director for a nonprofit that was a member of the SBCC . “ If funding opportunities came along , we knew about it because of the SBCC ,” he says . “ Black businesses greatly benefit from membership — it ’ s low overhead to get in and you gain a strong partnership that ’ s tied to the greater business and government community . Supporting the SBCC is supporting your own business .”
Two other SBCC programs strive to create and educate new leaders and advocates in the region . The empowering people and strengthening neighborhoods through affordable housing for more than 80 years
As the lead housing Agency for the City and the County of Sacramento , we ’ re changing lives for the better . We serve a diverse and growing group of people in need , and we support opportunities for a better life . Our success is only possible through strategic nonprofit , private and public partnerships . We work together to address the shared goal to create a broad spectrum of sustainable housing with amenities and economic opportunities that make communities thrive . mirasol village
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