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“ Great Value and ROI ”

Placer Title Company
enny Vega is a dynamo . Her 15- year career as a commercial escrow officer with Placer Title Company is a testament to the power of her finely honed expertise , her endless commitment to client service and her unparalleled hard work .
Originally from Oregon , Vega came to Sacramento to attend McGeorge School of Law . She became a real estate attorney , but it didn ’ t appeal to her . When offered a career as a commercial escrow officer with PTC , she took the opportunity . Today , she is also PTC ’ s senior vice president – Sacramento County Division , and oversees the Commercial division . She handles transactions throughout Northern California , as well as multistate transactions .
“ Jenny has a tough job , but she ’ s highly focused and organized ,” says Val Baldo , president of PTC ’ s Sacramento County Division . “ She manages customers ’ expectations to the highest level and has a great talent for managing emotions . It takes several people to cover her work when she takes vacation .”
Confirming this , Vega laughs , “ I multitask like nobody ’ s business . I ’ m a machine — I get more done in two hours than most people get done in two days . I came back from vacation once and found desks moved in for people needed to cover the work I do .”
Vega says that with any transaction there are many people to please , including brokers , developers , attorneys and lenders . “ Title and escrow work can be the same thing every day , except when problems arise , and I like solving those problems for people and forming personal relationships with them ,” she says .
Though Vega isn ’ t retiring anytime soon , she ’ d like to expand PTC ’ s commercial division with a generation to fill her shoes when she ultimately retires to Spain . Looking to the more immediate future , she sees confidence and activity returning to normal despite the current pandemic . “ Transactions have picked back up ,
L especially so as we head to the year ’ s end .
SPONSORED PROFILE eo French founded Placer Title Company in Auburn in 1973 with his mantra , “ Hire great people and
“ Folsom Ranch is one get out of their way .” It ’ s worked well , as PTC ’ s history is one of superior service , of my most satisfying great appreciation for employees and transactions . I have customers , and sustainable growth . Today , handled the project with corporate headquarters in Roseville with the developer and more than 50 offices , PTC has the distinction of being the only independent for several years , and title insurance and escrow agency licensed it ’ s great to see it in all 58 California counties . growing .”
Locally owned and operated , PTC can
— JENNY VEGA make decisions based on relationships and
Senior Vice President | Sacramento has local expertise to make the seemingly impossible happen for clients . The PTC teams have the flexibility to make
Karen Hayes
Commercial Escrow Officer decisions at a branch level and customtailor services for customers ’ needs . “ In dealing with the pandemic these past
Danielle Sumpter
Commercial Escrow Assistant
18 months , it was invaluable having our Human Resource team right here to guide our managers and employees through unprecedented times ,” says Sacramento County Division Vice President Matt Hargon .
Preston Sullivan Business Development
Sacramento Commercial Division 301 University Avenue , Suite 120
Sacramento , CA 95825 ( 916 ) 973-3610
PlacerTitle . com
Placer Title Company
Pictured ( L-R ): Val Baldo , Sacramento County division president ; Matt Hargon , Sacramento County division vice president
Clients choose PTC because of the experienced and knowledgeable staff . “ Our escrow officers are passionate about taking great care of customers ,” says Sacramento County Division President Val Baldo . “ We deliver high-tech solutions but prefer to focus on the very real human elements of a transaction . This is still a people business .”
PTC has the same underwriting and financial strengths as national title companies . However , for PTC , margins and quarterly returns are not the focus — PTC employees and customers are . “ Our success is due to our people ,” Baldo and Hargon agree . “ We are also very diverse in our book of business , which includes residential resale , new home sales , developer and commercial .”
PTC has opened offices in Santa Barbara , San Luis Obispo and Napa in recent years and has expanded to Montana , Idaho , Wyoming , Texas and Arizona . In the Sacramento marketplace , PTC offers a commercial office and seven residential
A Title Company Tale
“ We deliver high-tech solutions but prefer to focus on the very real human elements of a transaction . This is still a people business .”
— Val Baldo , Sacramento County Division President
offices . “ Looking ahead , we will be recruiting individuals who fit our culture to ensure we ’ re prepared for the success of clients within our Sacramento region ,” Baldo says .
Val Baldo , Sacramento County Division President vbaldo @ placertitle . com I ( 916 ) 947-3747 Matt Hargon , Sacramento County Division Vice President mhargon @ PlacerTitle . com I ( 530 ) 721-0094
www . PlacerTitle . com
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— Valerie Baldo Sacramento County Division President
Placer Title Company
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