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I would say that , 10 years ago , the Indian student I was familiar with wasn ’ t really concerned with anything beyond the end of their nose . They were only aware of their immediate surroundings , and they were not very socially conscious .
What our 10K Indian Voices survey has shown us is that a shift has occurred .
Today ’ s Indian Gen-Z student is very much aware and concerned about what ' s going on in the world . They are global citizens . They all have distinct personalities , they take pride in being unique .
Unlike in the past , these students are not moulded by their parents who demand they become engineers or doctors . That kind of thinking seems to have gone out the window .
These students are truly free .
The generations before had a lot of shackles in terms of expectations . They spent their adulthoods breaking those shackles and defining their paths . But as they themselves become parents , they ’ ve adopted a much more laissez-faire approach . Their relationship with their children is of a consultative nature - more , ‘ tell me what you want to do ’ rather than , ‘ this is what I want you to do .’
Today ’ s student is part of a ‘ Me Generation ’ that says , look at me , I am unique . And through social media they have all these tools at their disposal to amplify their voice and express how they feel . And they have role models like Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafzai that are setting global examples .
By listening to the voices of 10,000 Indian students we now know that their perspectives are their very own . And we need to be their champions , personalise our approach to them and serve as voices for them , too .
Lakshmi Iyer Executive Director of Education - Sannam S4 Group
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