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We are living in challenging and volatile times . Even before the pandemic , an increasingly polarised political landscape , socio-economic inequalities and climate change were issues that had been disrupting the international education sector . As a result of these environmental shifts , it is reasonable to conclude that how international students view the world – and their academic and professional prospects within it – are changing in tandem .
Through engaging a cohort which represents the opinions and sentiments of a section of one fifth of the world ’ s entire youth population , our groundbreaking 10K Indian Voices survey , we can begin to better understand how student sentiment is in the midst of a fundamental paradigm shift . By undertaking the largest study of Indian students to date , our team at Sannam S4 Group has captured the perspectives of 10,000 young individuals at a unique point in time .
• How has the pandemic influenced their local and global outlook ?
• What role does social media play in shaping their thinking & their decisions ?
• What are their priorities in determining their education and career paths ?
In addition , the 10K Indian Voices survey outcomes have been mapped against the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that were adopted by United Nations Member States in 2015 , with an eye towards achievement by 2030 . These interlinked global goals focus on an improved and sustainable future and have been highlighted as an important initiative by our student survey group , dominant representatives of the largest youth population in the world .
We at Sannam S4 Group hope this report will help you address the aspirations and needs of those who will inevitably determine the future direction of global mobility . We are excited to be at the education forefront with such cutting-edge research , especially as we aspire to move past the pandemic towards a new and more optimistic future .
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