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Leadership For A Better California

Pictured ( L-R ): Amar Azucena Cid , Program Manager , Caltrans Office on Race and Equity ( CORE ); David DeLuz , Deputy Director , Caltrans Office of Civil Rights ; Shalinee Hunter , Assistant Director , Equal Employment Opportunity ( EEO )

As one of California state government ’ s largest departments with more than 20,000 employees , Caltrans is a policy and program trendsetter whose leadership is a beacon for other agencies and businesses in the state and beyond . Caltrans ’ success is founded in its emphasis on the 4 Ps : people , projects ( and programs ), partnerships and the planet . Diversity , equity and inclusion are guiding principles at Caltrans , with equity deeply embedded in the agency ’ s operations and administration . Caltrans strives to improve outcomes for all people by eliminating unfair disparities across the 4 Ps . David DeLuz , deputy director of Caltrans ’ Office of Civil Rights , explains , “ Caltrans is committed to finding and working with the best talent possible , no matter how it ’ s packaged or where it comes from . Caltrans is one of the first DOTs with a diversity statement . Our diversity initiatives include establishing the Office of Race and Equity . We ’ ve embedded equity throughout our department ’ s strategic plan and we are making commitments to actively engage community stakeholders in project planning . We also partner with small and disadvantaged businesses ( DBEs ) to

solve California ’ s transportation challenges , unveiling one of the nation ’ s highest DBE goals at 22.2 %.” As a Senior Fellow of American Leadership Forum Class XV , DeLuz uses the skills he honed in ALF as head of Caltrans ’ Office of Civil Rights and in partnership with his colleagues in Equal Employment Opportunity and the Office of Race and Equity to help lead Caltrans ’ diversity , equity and inclusion efforts . “ ALF helped me develop a more mature , nuanced understanding of real leadership ,” he says . “ It also provided a support system that enabled true personal and professional growth .” Looking to the state ’ s future , Caltrans recently launched Clean California , a transformative initiative to remove litter , create jobs and beautify California . “ By making significant investments in litter collection , community engagement and education , we ’ re transforming our roadsides into spaces of pride for all Californians ,” DeLuz says . Transformative change is what it ’ s all about at Caltrans — and ALF .
“ Caltrans is committed to finding and working with the best talent possible , no matter how it ’ s packaged or where it comes from .”
— David DeLuz Deputy Director , Office of Civil Rights , Caltrans
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