1021_ALF_Digital Edition - Page 11

Explore various examples of emergent change and the dynamics of culture .
Explore the personal and collective dynamics of networks and the role networks play in change efforts .
Reflect on your progress as a class and on your individual leadership journey .
Session Seven : Adaptive Leadership and the Challenge of Culture in Change ( November )
Session Eight : The Essential Role of Networks in Change ( December )
Session Nine : Taking Stock Retreat ( January )
Ponder how ALF Fellows engage the work of community change and how that sense of collective action will carry beyond commencement .
Learn from reflection about how to expand upon new thinking and develop action .
Celebrate your class and explore your continued involvement with ALF as a Senior Fellow .
Session Ten : Leadership in Action ( February )
Session Eleven : Leadership in Action ( March )
Session Twelve : Commencement ( April )
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