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ALF at a Glance

So what does being an ALF Fellow really entail ? Here ’ s a snapshot of the one-year program .
Get oriented to the program and create a strong container for learning with diversity .
Explore the concept of self as an agent of change and learn how thought patterns influence our capacity to be open to others .
Consider how you participate in conversation and develop new competencies in building effective dialogue .
Session One : Building the Container ( May )
Session Two : Leadership and the Inner Journey ( June )
Session Three : Our Patterns of Talk in Conversation ( July )
This six-day , five-night community building experience challenges Fellows to meet physical and psychological challenges outside their comfort zone .
Take a deeper dive into patterns of bias in our work and community .
Consider how to create the capacity to disagree and remain in community while having candid and critical conversations .
Session Four : Wilderness Experience ( August )
Session Five : The Inner Work of Leadership ( September )
Session Six : Holding Psychological Safety While Exposing Bias ( October )
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