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150 th Anniversary

Yolo Food Bank

Nourishing Yolo County ’ s Most Vulnerable Community Members

The pandemic has really revealed how many residents in our region are struggling to make ends meet ,” says Michael Bisch , executive director of the Yolo Food Bank . “ Many were already struggling and the pandemic compounded their problems . As a community , we need to help these vulnerable neighbors to the best of our ability .”

Based in Woodland , Yolo Food Bank has been carrying out its mission of ending hunger and malnutrition in Yolo County since 1970 by procuring food and distributing it countywide to those in need . The organization annually distributes approximately $ 24 million worth of food donated by grocery stores , food processors , wholesale distributors and farmers , as well as food commodities from the USDA and bulk purchases .
“ By the pandemic ’ s third week , we were distributing three times as much food as we had been prior to the pandemic and have been striving to maintain that level of distribution ever since ,” Bisch says . “ Early in the pandemic , we received tremendous support in private donations and government grants . However , our need hasn ’ t receded and as this pandemic continues to upend lives , we need to redouble our efforts .”
Thanks in large part to dedicated volunteers , Yolo Food Bank provides 130 food distributions each month . The organization also provides free grocery home delivery service for vulnerable seniors and other health-compromised individuals , as well as bulk grocery dropoffs at senior housing and affordable housing complexes .
“ Our goal is to ensure every Yolo County resident has ready access to the nutrition they need to thrive ,” Bisch says . “ To that end , we ’ re working to discover pockets of hidden need that we ’ re currently not familiar with . Our work wouldn ’ t be possible without our volunteers , private philanthropists and food donors . We ’ re proud Yolo Food Bank helps bring these community partners together to support our neighbors in need .”

Our goal is to ensure every Yolo County resident has ready access to the nutrition they need to thrive .
— Michael Bisch , Executive Director
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