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Las Milpas Taqueria
534 Main St .
When you come to eat at Las Milpas , you ’ re guaranteed to catch a glimpse of owners José and Mary-Luz Perez cooking , serving or taking orders . The couple pride themselves on their hands-on approach to making “ comida casera del Estado de Jalisco ” — home-cooked meals from the Mexican state of Jalisco , where they ’ re both from . When they first immigrated to the U . S ., they opened a small restaurant in Yuba City but soon outgrew the space and relocated to Main Street in Woodland in 2006 . For the past 15 years , diners have flocked to the cheery eatery with bright green walls ( plus a new parklet with outdoor seating ) for family recipes of Jalisco favorites like hearty pozole , grilled fish and menudo lovingly made with local ingredients .
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