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Educating tomorrow ’ s transformational leaders


Educating tomorrow ’ s transformational leaders

by Jennifer von Geldern

William Jessup University , the only fully accredited private Christian university in the Capital Region , provides more than basic education . As the rest of the world seems to drift further from faith , Jessup incorporates faith into a well-rounded curriculum and produces graduates who are educated , spiritual and prepared to become transformational leaders for positive change .

With more than 70 programs offered on campuses in Rocklin and San Jose and online , the university had 1,850 students in fall 2020 and expects 2,100 students in fall 2021 . “ We promise our students that they will be spiritually grounded , that they will master the fundamental disciplines of reading , writing , thinking and speaking well , and that they will be exceptionally employable , knowing how to put theory into practice ,” says John Jackson , Ph . D ., Jessup ’ s president since 2011 . “ We make sure they are spiritually , mentally and relationally grounded and teach them to be lifelong learners and contributors to the common good .”
Jessup creates expectations of service for students so that the practice becomes a natural part of their lives after college . This service is part of the university ’ s Community Covenant — a written testimony of the school ’ s internal principles and doctrine — and is required of all undergraduates . Students regularly work in homeless feeding programs and with local school districts to provide tutoring .
“ Each Jessup student must earn a certain number of spiritual life credits through community and church service ,” says Joshua Carson , a 2021 graduate of Jessup ’ s new Digital Communication and Design program . “ It is hoped that for students , the service is more than just checking a box and will translate to graduates wanting to continue to live in a way that serves others and society . For as much as I had been involved with church in my life , my service commitment took my contribution to the next level and will have lasting impact .”
Jessup ’ s Christ-centered higher education also combines science and faith without reservation . “ We ’ re pro-science and don ’ t see a secular-sacred divide ,” says Derek Zahnd , Ph . D ., assistant professor in the School of Theology and Leadership . “ We believe that God ’ s power , beauty and creativity are revealed in nature through science . Many leading scientists today are also people of deep personal faith in Christ . Our faith motivates us to be scientists .”
The School of Natural and Applied Sciences offers bachelor degree programs in kinesiology , biology , mathematics and aviation . Undergraduate degree programs in engineering and healthcare administration will be added . Jessup also offers a Master of Science in Kinesiology and is developing a new graduate degree program in healthcare administration . Once approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing , the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program will launch in fall 2022 .
“ For people who assume we can ’ t integrate science , we say this : one of the Bible ’ s fundamental commands is to love God with all our heart , soul , mind and strength — so we want to do the best science , the best investigation , the best thinking and pursue truth ,” Jackson says . “ God is the originator of truth , so truth and faith are not antithetical to each other . Faith informs everything we do and causes us to be very diligent about science , philosophy , history and art because we consider all of that an act of worship .”
University leadership , faculty and staff want Jessup students to live in loving , compassionate , redemptive fashion
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