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Making Asphalt Beautiful
Wyatt Jones President Airco Mechanical , Inc .
What projects are you currently working on ?
We are working on multiple UC Davis projects , including building a new central plant that we are the prime contractor on . This project will be winding down in the fall but we have a backlog of different projects going into 2023 and 2024 . We ’ re in three vertical ( markets ): healthcare , education and government . We ’ re just finishing up the DGS O Street project … and we see more projects coming out of DGS ( in the future ). We do a lot of special , mission-critical projects with Kaiser Permanente all over Northern California — a dozen different campuses in Sacramento and the Bay Area . We also just finished two higher-education projects : a new science building at CSU Chico and a new library building at CSU Stanislaus . ... On the energy side , we have quite a bit of infrastructure-related work going with PG & E and we see more on the horizon .
What do you think various markets will look like moving forward ?
What we ’ re seeing is that the health care market is not slowing down at all . I ’ m not sure if higher education will continue to be robust if more students can learn online and the population on campus is smaller . The office building market will continue to be in a ( construction ) slump … based on vacancies , which has to do with people working remotely , especially in the California government ... There ’ s a lot of opportunity in Indian casinos at the moment — expansions and breaking ground for new ones . They ’ re doing really well .

Making Asphalt Beautiful

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Asphalt Impressions
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