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Conversations with industry experts
It ’ s no secret that construction and development is going gangbusters in the Capital Region . New projects abound in every sector and every area , including Downtown Sacramento , Roseville , Davis , Lincoln , Folsom , West Sacramento and more .
Comstock ’ s spoke to leading construction and development experts to find out what they ’ re working on , what challenges they ’ ve overcome and what they predict for their industries post-pandemic .
Ron Brown President and CEO Brown Construction , Inc .
What projects are you currently working on ?
The Eisley ( a 405-unit market-rate multifamily community at Arden and Business 80 in Sacramento ); The A . J . ( a 345-unit mixed-use , mixed-income project ) in The Railyards north of Downtown Sacramento ; Holden of Roseville Independent Living in Roseville ; 801 Riverfront ( a 285-unit multifamily , mixed-use project on the Sacramento River ) in West Sacramento ; Davis Live ( a 440-bed , off-campus UC Davis student housing building ) in Davis ; Ryder on Olive ( a 706-bed , off-campus UC Davis student housing building ) in Davis ; and Chiles Road Apartments ( a 225-unit market-rate , multifamily community ) in Davis .
What do you think your industry will look like post-pandemic ?
The construction industry as a whole will need a year or more to settle with regards to costs . There will continue to be a high demand and pressure for construction materials , which will continue to strain the suppliers in these markets , while the demands for housing will continue . I do believe that there will be a leveling-off period , but unfortunately , I am not seeing that until the first to second quarter of 2022 .

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