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as levees , dams and water operations , is overseeing several regional projects . “ In Sacramento , we primarily do levee work along the rivers and upgrade and reduce risk at existing dams ,” says Nancy Allen , chief of public affairs for the Corps ’ Sacramento District .
When President Biden ’ s FY2022 budget was announced in May , it identified more than $ 221 million for projects in the Sacramento District , including $ 17.9 million for flood risk management improvements around West Sacramento as well as continued levee improvement construction in the Natomas Basin and Lower San Joaquin River ( for $ 156.9 million and $ 15 million , respectively ).
While the Corps gets its money from the federal budget , Allen points out that appropriations are typically doled out in annual portions rather than a lump sum for whole projects . “ It ’ s impossible for us to speculate on what might come from the current federal infrastructure proposal being worked out in Congress , but California ’ s SB 1 actually gave us money for five projects in entirety up front ,” she says .
Allen says that one of the Corps ’ largest ongoing projects is work on the levees that ring the Natomas Basin . Some of the work is completed , some is ongoing and some is planned and the project in its entirety will cost $ 1.2 billion . The Corps also has a set of three projects known as the American River Common Features Project along the American and Sacramento Rivers that will strengthen the levees downstream of the Folsom Dam , which recently had its capacity increased . The project is projected to cost $ 1.8 billion — a relatively small price to pay to improve flood risk in the Sacramento region .
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