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America ’ s infrastructure — including much in California — is in need of repair , updating and upgrading . Several key projects are underway in the Capital Region to improve our roads , increase our mobility , improve our water management capacity and keep us safer from flooding . According to a White House fact sheet , the U . S . ranks 13th worldwide in overall quality of infrastructure , with crumbling roads , bridges and water systems . A component of President Joe Biden ’ s American Jobs Plan — a proposal to spend $ 2 trillion on U . S . infrastructure over eight years — targets the nation ’ s aging infrastructure with plans to improve highways and bridges and upgrade ports , airports and transit systems .
While details are being deliberated in Washington , D . C ., California ’ s Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 ( also known as SB 1 ) already has construction equipment moving on significant freeway and levee projects in the Capital Region .
SB 1 has provided funding up front for several projects , as opposed to the more typical annual apportionment .
“ We ’ re always excited about any new funding proposal , whether from the federal or state government ,” says Angela DaPrato , public information officer for Caltrans . “ We always have a list of projects identified as needed and awaiting funding , and though we ’ re not counting on the money discussed by the Biden administration yet , we do have the state ’ s SB 1 in place .”
The Fix50 Highway Enhancement Project got underway in fall 2020 with tree and debris removal to clear space for a sound wall and heavy work began in March 2021 . This multimodal project will not only improve the U . S . Highway 50 roadway , it will also provide for alternative modes of transportation with light rail and pedestrian components . A High-Occupancy Vehicle ( HOV ) lane will be added as well . “ Right now , this
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