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special supplement surgeons but for all of the surgical staff like anesthesiologists and physician assistants . “ An advantage of robotic surgery is the capability of working in simulations ,” he says . “ It ’ s like a video game that allows you to work on the procedure in different stages to truly understand each stage . It also allows supervision and practice . It also improves dynamics in team communication and choreography .”
Kiaii says the future of robotic surgery includes a symbiosis between artificial intelligence and humans . “ The robot is able to perform parts of the surgery when appropriate with no errors , while human intelligence is supervising it ,” he says .
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UC Davis Health on 150 years !

PET PROJECT For over a decade , UC Davis Health has been developing the world ’ s first full-body positron emission tomography ( PET ) scanner , which captures a 3D picture of the entire human body at once . Installed in 2019 , the EXPLORER scanner incorporates PET and x-ray capabilities and offers increased image quality , patient diagnosis and less radioactive exposure . It has already captured the interest of radiology experts across the world , including those at Johns Hopkins University .
Dr . Sanjay Jain , a pediatrician and infectiousdisease physician at Johns Hopkins University who was interviewed in an article about the machine in Nature magazine , says it could be especially helpful for imaging children , who tend to wiggle around inside a scanner and ruin the measurements , as well as for studies of how drugs move through the body .
“ UC Davis is using the pandemic to reimagine how we deliver care ,” Marcin says while discussing telehealth ’ s growing acceptance . “ It shouldn ’ t go back to what it used to be . We have to be very thoughtful and prescriptive . It ’ s not just revolutionizing patient care in the clinics , but using the right technologies and models to care for individual circumstances .”
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