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Treating more patients closer to where they live generates benefits system-wide . It reserves space in UC Davis Health ’ s Sacramento hospital for the sickest patients with the most critical needs , which is in keeping with its purpose . “ It ’ s so much more effective to provide the right level of care in the right place ,” McKennan says . “ It makes sure that babies who come to UC Davis really need Level 4 care , and other types of patients can get medications locally and only come to UC Davis for surgery .”
COLLABORATING TO INCREASE SERVICE At the new Marshall Cancer Center , local oncologists can collaborate with their colleagues at UC Davis Health to diagnose and treat individual patients . They also can participate in broader consultations with top cancer experts without the expense of keeping that expertise on staff or investing millions of dollars for diagnostic and treatment equipment . “ Smaller hospitals struggle to pay for this equipment when they operate on a profit margin of 0.7 percent ,” says Amodeo , who recently joined UC Davis Health from a small six-hospital system in
South Dakota where patients often travel up to 200 miles for treatment .
Marshall ’ s patients will also have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials conducted by UC Davis scientists who are researching new ways to diagnose and treat cancer as part of 200 or so cancer clinical trials underway at any given time , in keeping with UC Davis ’ mission as a teaching and research hospital .
To beef up its neighborhood service , UC Davis Health enlarged a primary care clinic in Roseville a year ago and added to its primary care clinic on the UC Davis university campus in Davis . But with an eye to serving an aging population in a fast-growing area , UC Davis Health has plans for new facilities to be built on 34.5 acres in Folsom that will be constructed in concert with new housing outfitted with health care-related technology intended to enable older residents with disabilities to live independently .
Initial plans call for an outpatient medical office building to be augmented in later years by a micro-hospital , an ambulatory surgery center and a hotel . A major goal is to serve those over the age of 65 , which UC Davis Health says represents 58 percent of the recent population increase in the area .
Construction plans haven ’ t been confirmed , but Amodeo notes that UC Davis Health will be thinking of their new affiliation partner up the hill in El Dorado County when deciding which services the new facility will provide . “ We don ’ t want to compete with Marshall ,” he says . “ We think there should be more small independent hospitals . We ’ re building partnerships and the benefit to the community is great .”
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Congratulations , UC Davis Health . advancing healthcare , together

For over a century , you ’ ve shown that progress can push us all forward . Partnering to design your new medical center in Sacramento also showed what ’ s possible when patient-centered design meets cutting-edge technology .
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