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Stockton Blvd . special supplement
Stockton Blvd .
UC Davis Medical Center California Tower
Parking Structure 5
V Street
Parking Structure 4
Sacramento Ambulatory Surgery Center
X Street X Street
45 th Street
48 th Street
49 th Street
2 nd Ave
Aggie Square
Parking Structure 6
Tschannen Eye Institute
Campus Vision 2030
Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital
UC Davis Health ’ s Sacramento campus will be undergoing massive expansion over the next decade , including the building of a new rehab hospital and the proposed 332-bed , $ 3.7 billion California Tower . RENDERING COURTESY OF UC DAVIS HEALTH

In 1871 , a new hospital was built on what was then the far reaches of Sacramento for $ 80,000 to provide care for the county ’ s most impoverished residents . Located on Upper Stockton Road two miles southeast of the city center , the 216-bed Sacramento County Hospital stood for only seven years before it burned to the ground .

When its replacement was completed a year later , it was just the next step in a long line of evolutionary changes that have taken place — and continue today — at what is now Stockton Boulevard and X Street , the home of UC Davis Medical Center .
“ I think the most important thing about this being the 150th anniversary of the hospital is it ’ s really the 150th anniversary of the commitment of the doctors and the nurses who have worked in that facility to serve our
community ,” says UC Davis Health CEO Dr . David Lubarsky . “ It has always been open to everyone . The care has been about providing the community what they needed when they needed it .”
GENERATIONAL CHANGE The hospital itself has evolved , including a six-story medical center completed in 1950 that incorporated elements of a building from the 1920s and an eight-story , 146-bed tower that opened in 1982 . However , the seminal change came in 1973 when the University of California Regents bought the hospital for $ 1 from the county and made it the permanent teaching hospital for the UC Davis School of Medicine . The name was officially changed to the University of California , Davis Medical Center in 1978 .
Time , advances in patient care and the state ’ s seismic requirements are now driving an unprecedented expansion on the hospital campus . Construction is wrapping up on the four-story Ernest E . Tschannen Eye Institute and the new UC Davis Rehabilitation Hospital , which will help stroke , spinal cord injury and complex surgery patients transition to care in their homes , is slated to open in 2023 .
But the most transformational project is the proposed California Tower , a 332-bed , $ 3.7 billion facility that will extend to 45th Street and replace both the north-south wing originally built in 1929 and the addition from the 1950s . The older structures must be demolished in the coming years .
“ When I decided to come to Davis , I didn ’ t realize the amount of change we were going to make — it ’ s a generational change in an entire
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