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“ Employers highly seek after our graduates and we will continue to provide those quality graduates to the health care industry .”
— Abraham Cicchetti , Campus Director
The COVID-19 pandemic has been the setting for outstanding achievement and dedication for Gurnick Academy and its students . Many students were called to action by Gov . Gavin Newsom during significant staffing shortages throughout the health care industry . “ During the pandemic , our students continued their schooling while assisting as frontline health care workers ,” Cicchetti says . “ Furthermore , our faculty were resilient by shifting didactic lectures online and continuing lab rotations .”
Gurnick Academy ’ s commitment to mitigating shortages during the pandemic and other philanthropic endeavors has been recognized by the California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools ( CAPPS ). CAPPS awarded Gurnick Academy the 2021 Community Service Award and the 2021 School of the Year Award .
Gurnick Academy is willing to innovate to solve the clinical challenges facing the health care industry . “ We enroll new students into programs based on the number of clinical spots available ,” Cicchetti says . “ Our partnerships are an integral part of training the future of health care . When there ’ s a shortage of staffing , there is great difficulty in training enough clinicians . We address this by aligning with organizations that can support more clinical rotations for our students . The outcome is providing an invaluable need to develop the health care workforce for the community .”
Looking ahead , Gurnick Academy will continue to pursue opportunities to provide quality hands-on education in the imaging and nursing fields while practicing calculated expansion and examining teaching models and the latest technology to help prepare students for the future . “ Employers highly seek after our alumni and we will continue to provide those quality graduates to the health care industry ,” Cicchetti says .
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