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Roseville Electric purchased this four-story building in December 2019 . The utility plans to occupy in 2022 .
and regulatory mandates , we are constantly transforming to best serve customers in the most efficient , reliable and cost-effective way possible ,” White says .
Embracing an emission-free future
The City of Roseville is also focused on being one of the state ’ s leaders in the quest for cleaner air . Emission-free transportation is a significant focus of the agency to reduce smog and climate change and improve the health of the region .
Roseville is converting its local and commuter transit fleet to electric buses . To help residents transition to emission-free options , Roseville has also provided rebates for cars , motorcycles and chargers for several years . Increased rebates are available for income-qualified customers and electric vehicle rebates for chargers and fleet vehicles are available to assist local businesses .
“ Over the next several years , we ’ re transitioning to zero-emission , all-electric public transit and light-duty cars , hybrid police patrol units and garbage trucks fueled by Compressed Natural Gas generated by our own waste-to-energy plant ,” says Rachel Radell-Harris , program manager at the City of Roseville . “ These choices reduce fuel and maintenance costs , lighten Roseville ’ s footprint and help better serve our community . In the meantime , we are taking steps such as using renewable diesel fuel , which is cleaner with fewer emissions .”
New laws and regulations will affect residents , companies and agencies , with a goal of expediting the transition to emission-free transportation options . For example , Governor Newsom ’ s recent executive order will require that all new cars and passenger trucks sold in California be zero-emission vehicles by 2035 , and the California Air Resources Board approved a first-of-its-kind in the U . S . regulation that sets a statewide goal for public transit agencies to transition to 100 % zeroemission bus fleets by 2040 .
“ Leading the charge , Roseville is making greener choices to improve our city fleet and encouraging both businesses and residents to do the same ,” Radell-Harris says . “ We offer a suite of rebates for electric vehicles and chargers , including commercial incentives for businesses looking to get a jumpstart on the regulatory requirements that are part of the state ’ s plan for a cleaner future .”
Find program information at roseville . ca . us / ev .
Moving forward
In the year ahead , we plan to identify additional opportunities for our small to medium business community . These efforts will be balanced with anticipated growth in industry and a focused effort on marketing what Roseville has to offer to new businesses looking to make Northern California their home .
While the long-term impacts of this pandemic remain uncertain , Roseville Electric is focused
on being more than a utility and instead a partner for businesses and residents alike . Our goal stays the same – serving our customers in the most efficient , reliable and cost effective way possible . Because , together , we are Roseville .
Melissa Anguiano is the economic development director for the City of Roseville . She can be reached at ( 916 ) 774-5284 or MVAnguiano @ roseville . ca . us .
Erin Frye is the communications and marketing manager at Roseville Electric Utility in California .
She can be reached at ( 916 ) 774-5625 or EVFrye @ roseville . ca . us .
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