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costs and utility rates , businesses are starting to recognize what the region has to offer – the benefits of California without the price tag .
The City of Roseville has been an active regional partner and member of the Greater Sacramento Economic Council ( GSEC ). Our economic development team has worked hard in the past two years to help the area thrive .
In addition to a citywide membership within GSEC , Roseville Electric saw an opportunity to have a louder voice at the regional table regarding economic development . This led to a utility-specific membership the past two years , providing additional opportunities to promote the public power advantage to site selectors and other businesses interested in expanding .
“ With a dedicated focus on site selection and infrastructure , we are able to promote robust and timely growth within the city and region ,” Matchim says . He says this has led to a proactive approach to site readiness within our service territory , allowing businesses to move to Roseville sooner instead of having to wait years for infrastructure development .
By incorporating utilities into the site selection process for the region , and more specifically Roseville , we offer an intriguing value proposition .
“ Having the ability for site selectors to receive a consistent message , detailed utility information and point of contact gives confidence to their clients in doing business in Roseville ,” Anguiano says .
“ It ’ s easy to get overshadowed by some of the larger utilities in the region ,” Matchim says . “ We have a tremendous amount to offer here in Roseville , which is why we took this next step .”
This collaborative approach to growth has helped Roseville identify the best projects for our city and for the grid , including marketing those opportunities beyond the region .
Reliability for Roseville
Roseville Electric Utility provides reliable electric service to residents and businesses even through Public Safety Power Shutoffs , the preemptive shutoff of power under high fire risk conditions , and Flex Alerts , which call on customers to voluntarily conserve electricity during peak hours , and the COVID-19 pandemic . Thanks to its unique structure , Roseville Electric is particularly well-positioned to minimize the impact of these challenges on customers .
“ Unlike some nearby cities , Roseville has no high fire threat within our service territory ,” explains Todd White , Roseville Electric Utility assistant director .
“ Also , we receive power from our own generation resources and don ’ t rely on PG & E to provide electricity . Our Roseville Energy Park , now in its 12 th year , provides Roseville with greater flexibility to meet demand and manage costs .”
As a community-owned utility , Roseville Electric rates are 35-38 percent lower than their neighboring investor-owned utility . “ Having all utility infrastructure — water , wastewater , recycled water , solid waste and electricity — under one integrated utility service allows us to be more innovative and cost-efficient because we can manage each utility service in-house and find synergies to promote innovation , sustainability and reliability ,” says White .
An essential service during the pandemic , Roseville Electric balances the safety of staff and community with service to keep Roseville ’ s power on . To assist customers facing financial hardship , they have created programs for residents and businesses , including the Electric Residential Relief Program that provided a one-time bill credit for incomequalified residents and Reopen Energy Smart , which offered enhanced energy efficiency rebates for commercial customers .
“ With the electric utility industry ’ s everincreasing technology and increased legislative
Westfield Galleria at Roseville experienced the most successful business comeback recovery from the COVID-19 crisis in the U . S . portfolio . The Center was recognized by Chains Store Age as # 4 in the top 10 in the U . S . for Comeback Retail Center Experiences .
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