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Roseville Electric Utility also offers education programs through its Utility Exploration Center and other venues , putting on workshops and engaging with the community . “ We do a lot of outreach about energy efficiency , sustainability and inform the community about the value of having their own municipal utility ,” Matchim says .
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With a focus on delivering the highest level of reliable service and value to the whole community , Roseville Electric Utility is strengthening Roseville for a bright future .
Staying ahead of the curve
The past two years have been like no other . The challenges have been multifaceted to say the least – from wildfire threat and power shutoffs to California Independent System Operator-issued Flex Alerts and the lingering global pandemic . Through it all , though , a collaborative approach to sustainable growth and a focus on economic development throughout our region has put Roseville Electric Utility in a position to support community expansion as well as small to medium businesses struggling to remain afloat .
Electric service reliability in the face of mounting threats has been critically important to Roseville businesses and residents alike , especially now two years into COVID-19 restrictions throughout the state . Uninterrupted service is critically important to a number of large commercial customers , such as TSI Semiconductors . TSI operates one of the last remaining microchip plants in California and the last one in Northern California , making products for a variety of industries , including medical , wireless communications , defense , aerospace , automotive and more .
“ Because of the delicacy of our microprocessor control tools , the need for high quality power is almost as important as the need for low prices ,” says Bruce Gray , chief operating officer for TSI .
The TSI plant operates 24 hours a day , seven days a week and 365 days a year . Even a short outage can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars .
Melissa Anguiano is the new economic development director for Roseville . She says city-owned utilities are a huge reason businesses choose to locate in Roseville . “ It ’ s a draw not only for businesses to come here , but why they stay .”
Anguiano joins the Roseville team from the City of Sacramento , where she most recently served as the deputy director of the city ’ s Office of Innovation & Economic Development . Prior to that , she served as the City of Sacramento ’ s economic development manager , responsible for creating and leading small-business support programs , directing major negotiations with businesses and developers , and facilitating solutions to critical legal and financial issues related to projects or programs . Her work during the pandemic included facilitating city support for businesses through loans , grants , technical assistance , and workforce development .
While supporting economic growth in Roseville remains important , the Roseville team is focused now more than ever on business retention .
A bigger role in economic development
In late 2019 , Roseville Electric developed a team focused on driving commercial growth within our community . In addition to a senior key account representative role that already existed within the utility , Roseville Electric partially funded a position on the citywide
economic development team to focus on the utility advantage and what that meant for new businesses considering Roseville as their home .
“ Our goal is to get every customer to success ,” says Bill Chaplin , senior key account representative for Roseville Electric Utility . “ We understand that energy use varies depending on the type of business . This is why we offer customized solutions to address needs on a case-by-case basis . We are committed to identifying solutions that improve business operations .”
The relationship between the electric utility and economic development makes perfect sense . “ Having access to some of the lowest cost electricity in California that is recognized nationally for reliability is a value proposition that is not ignored by the business community ,” Chaplin says .
This includes a focused effort on operational efficiencies for some of our largest customers to ensure they see success not only now , but in the years to come .
A regional approach to local growth
There is a big effort to draw business to Northern California . The Greater Sacramento Metro population stands at just over 2.5 million . With competitive real estate prices , payroll
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