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Adam Brucker , senior deputy county administrator , indicates great enthusiasm from the county as well . “ Considering demand for the intended market , we feel confident Airpark 599 will be built out in three to five years ,” he says . “ The industrial market has never been hotter in this area . Our airport ’ s air cargo capacity is clearly a benefit for e-commerce companies , as is our location right on Highway 99 with easy access to I-5 on the Arch Airport-Sperry Road extension . We also have nearby rail access and the Port of Stockton .”
Construction of Airpark 599 will provide significant construction jobs over the next several years and inject hundreds of millions of dollars into the regional economy . Ultimately , the project will generate lease revenue , property tax revenue and possibly sales tax revenue , depending on the types of on-site activities . Brucker ’ s current estimate , which hinges on which businesses locate there , is that up to 5,000 long-term jobs could be created .
FROM AIR FORCE BASES TO AIRPARKS Sacramento is home to two former U . S . Air Force bases that now serve as successful airparks . Mather Business Park along Highway 50 and McClellan Business Park along Interstate 80 each have long enough runways to handle the largest planes in addition to their easy freeway access .
“ McClellan Business Park has had a significant increase in activity on new and existing building stock , with new projects in the past 12 months and other new projects planned ,” says Troy Givans , director of economic development for Sacramento County . “ We have several hundred thousand square feet still to be built at McClellan , with significant continuing interest in the area . The McClellan Business Park team has been very forward-thinking and creative and McClellan is held up as a national model of one of the most successful base reuses in the country .”
McClellan Park inherited several million square feet in existing buildings from the Air Force , which have been refurbished and repurposed , and has already seen several hundred thousand square feet added in modern buildings specific to tenant needs . The combination has been highly successful . In addition to private-sector businesses , McClellan also hosts the state ’ s CAL FIRE air fleet and some U . S . Coast Guard operations out of its airport .

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McClellan Park has begun construction of McClellan Logistics Center II , the second new industrial warehouse project to be built in McClellan Park and a key development in the master-planned campus . It will further establish the westside gateway to McClellan Park ’ s future development opportunities where site owners have entitlements to construct an additional 5 million square feet of new industrial buildings .

McClellan Logistics Center II will encompass two spacious warehouse buildings on the 1-80 / Winters Street interchange bounded by Dudley Boulevard and McClellan Park Drive . Building A will encompass 172,212 square feet and Building C will be 140,895 square feet , for a total of just more than 313,000 square feet .
“ The Sacramento region is undersupplied for industrial space ,” says Ken Giannotti , McClellan Park ’ s senior vice president of leasing and marketing . “ We ’ re ready to further develop our campus to meet this growing need and continue as a hub for the region ’ s leading manufacturers and distributors .”
Key features of McClellan Logistics Center II include rear dock loading with 130- foot truck courts , 9-by-10-foot dock doors , clear height ranging from 32 to 36 feet , 50-by-54-foot column spacing and ESFR sprinklers . The site will also have more than four acres of designated truck terminal parking in addition to ample auto and truck parking .
Tenants will have access to McClellan ’ s other amenities , including an on-site hotel and dining , residential housing , Union Pacific / BNSF rail service and the Sacramento McClellan Airport , the nation ’ s largest privately-owned , publicuse airport .
McClellan Logistics Center II is set for completion in summer 2022 and leasing opportunities are now available .
Due to constraints to the south , east and west of its runway , Mather doesn ’ t have as much space for development as McClellan , but it is the region ’ s air cargo hub , accommodating several cargo companies . “ There is new business interest at Mather and we ’ ve seen a lot of tenanting over the past several years , but not a lot of new construction ,” Givans says . “ We ’ re strategizing on how to take advantage of the existing airfield assets for uses that are complementary to aviation already at the site , and whether there are cargo and logistics opportunities .”
The Capital Region will see benefits for its economy and workforce for decades to come thanks to the foresight of today ’ s airpark developers and the tenants who choose them .
Jennifer von Geldern is a freelance writer who covers regional businesses , charities , events and the people who enrich our communities .
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