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The world of finance has traditionally been a male-dominated field , with women representing fewer than one in five positions in the financial services C-suite , according to a study by management consulting firm McKinsey & Company . That has been changing , though , with women rising in education levels , leadership positions and personal confidence and with many financial institutions making substantial efforts to bring women into the industry .
“ In years past and because of traditional gender norms , many industries have been focused on attracting men , which tends to lower ambition for women who see them as male-dominated fields ,” says Sophia Kanaan , director of the California Capital Women ’ s Business Center . “ That perspective is changing , though , and we ’ ve begun to see women excel in finance .”
Christeen Reeg , a principal and wealth management financial advisor with CAP- TRUST , has seen these changes firsthand .
“ In the past , women advanced in finance through experience ,” she says . “ Most women I know in management positions started as an admin person , then over time got promoted . If you graduated 20 years ago , men were automatically put in management positions and women were not . Now it ’ s different , with women recognized in the industry as naturals for their abilities with both money and relationships .”
WELCOMING WOMEN INTO THE INDUSTRY These days , many firms are soliciting women right out of college and educating them about job opportunities . Kanaan is seeing a concerted rebranding effort across the industry to be more attractive and accommodating to the complex lifestyles of professional women , which includes offering work flexibility , benefits and even childcare .
CAPTRUST is one of many financial institutions with programs designed specifically to bring women into the business . In fact , according to Reeg , bringing in more women is their numberone initiative . “ CAPTRUST has a very strong task force in place and supports women through groups who meet monthly to support each other , women ’ s book clubs , virtual conferences and promoting mentorship programs at all levels ,” she says .
Reeg recently spoke on two panels aimed at bringing more women into the industry , the first for CAPTRUST ’ s Women ’ s Leadership Forum and the other for the Invest in Women Conference sponsored by industry publication Financial Advisor Magazine .
“ It ’ s not only individual firms but the whole industry with the intention of getting more women involved and advancing ,” Reeg says . “ I ’ ve tried on a personal level to promote women , too , as so many I ’ ve come across in the industry are excellent at developing
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