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Welcome to Lakeville , on behalf of the nearly 500 members of The Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism . The Lakeville Chamber is in its 74th year and the Convention & Visitors Bureau in its 25th year serving the Lakeville area helping to make Lakeville a thriving , growing , and inclusive community .
The Official Area Guide & Chamber Directory is your one stop shop to exploring our vast array of local services , area partnerships , flourishing businesses , and rich hospitality facilities provided by members . There is so much to see and do in Lakeville !
Lakeville has many great amenities and places for you to explore . The Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce , Convention & Visitors Bureau and Board of Directors are prepared to guide you through all that Lakeville has to offer . Lakeville truly is a wonderful place to live , work , visit and play .
We look forward to seeing you soon !
Mike Forbord Schmitty & Sons 2022 Chair of the Board

The Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce ’ s mission is to serve as the advocate , resource and leader for its members and the business community .

The Lakeville area Chamber of Commerce will be considered the resource for the needs of the business community .
ACCESS TO RESOURCES The Chamber is a membership driven business organization that enhances local businesses by providing access to resources , services , educational programs , networking and marketing opportunities . With around 500 committed members , the Lakeville Chamber is the 10th largest Chamber in the state and is recognized for its outstanding programs and valuable services .
WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT Through the Lakeville Works program , the Chamber helps to create awareness of in-demand careers in our community . We are working to build a pipeline of skilled workers by cultivating collaboration among key partners within the city and schools and identifying and addressing industries ’ most fundamental recruiting , training , skill development , and retention needs . Lakevilleworks . org is your local job connection , dedicated to a variety of job and career opportunities in Lakeville .
WELCOME CENTER The outdoor welcome center at the Chamber and Visit Lakeville office contains maps , brochures , new resident information , attraction and local business and community information at no charge .
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