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Lakeville ’ s location at I-35 is an easy commute to anywhere in the Twin Cities area , and beyond . Pockets of retail , groceries , eateries and services can be found throughout our community allowing quick and convenient access to all homeowners .
Our award-winning schools contribute to a high school graduation rate of 96 percent earning us recognition as one of the most educated cities in Minnesota .
A stable and growing market complements our city ’ s amenities , and brands Lakeville as a demand area for homebuyers .
With a prosperous business community , and one of the largest industrial parks in the state , our businesses need employees . For current job postings visit lakevilleworks . org .
Residents take pride in our community stewardship as can be witnessed through our parks , festivals , and our youth sports teams ! For over 54 years Lakeville has celebrated its success with our annual weeklong festival Panorama of Progress ( Pan-O-Prog ).

Where Nature Meets the Twin Cities !

Lakeville has been the fastest growing city in Minnesota for the past five consecutive years . With a flourishing business community and a growing population of almost 66,000 , our residents and workforce alike love it here !

Lakeville has a culture and sense of community all its own . We care . We support our businesses , take pride in our schools and sports teams , maintain our homes and parks , befriend our neighbors and politicians , and create and provide opportunities , events , and amenities for all generations . Those who grew up in this area often return to raise their family . It ’ s no wonder Lakeville was voted # 28 in Money magazine ’ s “ Best Place to Live in America ” in 2018 .
Retail , restaurants , entertainment , service businesses and fun events dot the unique historic downtown that speaks to our past while providing amenities for a thriving present-day community .
Lakeville Area Arts Center , a city-owned and operated facility , provides a variety of options for live music , entertainment , dance , theater , art galleries , pottery , art classes and more .
Community Education and Lakeville Area Active Adults provide educational opportunities for all ages .
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