@Forest April/May 2020

Sustainability vital in forest development P12 Engineered Lumber future game changer P15 APRIL-MAY, 2020 RM5.00 PP19523/10/2019 (035130) Malaysia’s Premier Eco-friendly and Sustainable Forestry Business Newspaper A budding entrepreneur APRIL-MAY, 2020 RM5.00 A passion for interior design spurred Maggie Chow to venture out on her own p03 The success of the Royal Empress tree Empress Wood plans to make wood crafted products given the wood's desirable characteristics p04-05 Enriching lives of rural folk Project Malaysia Menanam aims to encourage our rural community to enter the high tech agro-green economy. P04-11 Looking for their days in the sun Wildlife biologist Dr Wong Siew Te established the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Sandakan, the only sun bear sanctuary in the world P08-09 INSIDE: 12 pages of @ForestPlus