CMHCF Residents' Review April 2021

Residents ’ Review

April 2021
Volume 34 , Issue 4
Citizens Memorial Healthcare Facility is an affiliate of CMH , Bolivar , Mo ., 417-326-6000 Facility Location : 1218 W . Locust St ., Bolivar , MO 65613 , 417-326-7648
B e v e r l y M a t t h e w s R e s i d e n t o f t h e M o n t h
Beverly Matthews was born Nov . 9 , 1962 , in Kansas City , Missouri to Reta and Bennie Davidson . Her father worked for Ford Motor Company for many years and there he retired from manufacturing vehicles . Her mother worked many years as a collector for the Internal Revenue Service .
Beverly was the second youngest to her four siblings , Rick , Pam , Rhonda and Julie . Rhonda and Beverly were best friends and were always very close . Sadly , Rhonda passed away in 1989 , after a battle with blood clots on her brain . Beverly attended Kindergarten through 5 th grade in Independence , Missouri and 6 th grade through her sophomore year in Albany , Missouri . While attending school at age 13 in Albany , her parents let her move in with her sister , Rhonda who was 18 at the time to make sure Rhonda didn ’ t get into any trouble . She began her junior year in Pleasant Hill , Missouri , but decided to quit school at the beginning of the year which was approved by her parents with the understanding that she would get a job to help pay the rent and for food in their house .
She grew up mowing lawns , baling hay , working as a carhop at Sonic and running her parent ’ s restaurant in Darlington , Missouri . Beverly took care of a semi-invalid lady , cleaned banks and polished and waxed commercial floors with a friend throughout those years . She also spent eight years as the kitchen supervisor at Unity School of Christianity near Lee ’ s Summit .
Beverly married Roger Breckenridge in 1983 . That marriage ended in divorce . To this union two children , Emily and Brian were born . Several years later she met Carl Matthews through mutual friends . The moment her kids met him , they loved him . Beverly knew how good he was to his mom and was certain that he would also be good to her and the kids . Carl had never been married and his mother was concerned that he was interested in someone who had been married and had children . Beverly decided she should try to win her over . “ She was tough to convince ,” said Beverly . Carl was borrowing his father ’ s car to go to work and his parents , determined to keep them apart , threatened to not allow him to drive the car anymore . During this time , Carl was a ministerial servant at his church and he would stop by the church on his way to work to call Beverly so his family wouldn ’ t know he was calling her . When his mother asked for the car back , he said to Beverly , “ I wish we could just get married and be done with this .” She was at a loss for words , but said , “ Stop by and we will talk .” She knew he would be good to her and take care of her . When he stopped by he said , “ I think the kids would like it if we got married and I could take care of you .” Her kids were sitting on his lap begging him to marry her . They really wanted a father figure . Beverly said yes to the marriage proposal and the next day , January 28 , 1994 , the couple were married at a friend ’ s house .
Beverly and Carl were blessed with three grandchildren , Braxton , Aleena and Gabriella whom they love dearly . She loves to spend time fishing with Braxton .
She said the highlight of her life was being able to be there for her parents when they needed her . Her father was diagnosed with ALS , ( Lou Gehrig ’ s disease ) and was given 1-1 ½ years to live . Her father loved to fish so they decided to move to Hermitage , close to Pomme De Terre Lake so he could fish anytime he wanted . Carl agreed to move Beverly and the kids close to them so she could take care of them as his health declined . They stayed almost every night at her parent ’ s house .
Beverly joined our CMHCF family in January 2019 and when asked what she liked about living here she said , “ It ’ s a lot of fun to play all the games in activities .” She also loves all of the resident and staff friends that she has made while here . Congratulations , Beverly on being chosen as our resident of the month .
Are you a caring individual who would like to assist in caring for the elderly ? Citizens Memorial Healthcare Facility has opportunities in its volunteer and nursing program . For more information call Jeff Miller , administrator , at 417-326-7648 .