Age Comfort Winter 2020 Catalogue

W 5 in 1 Mobility Bathroom Aid in 20 te r C at 20 a l og ue Pocket Buddy Amplifi er AC6285 $289 Sale $269 • Can be transformed into 5 handy aids: Folding Walker, Raised Toilet Seat, Toilet Seat Frame, Commode and Shower Seat • Lightweight Aluminum Frame • Foldable, can be easily transported and stored. • Non-slip rubber tipped legs • Tool free assembly. • Adjustable Height: 30” - 38” • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs FH1050 $29.99 Sale $19.99 The Pocket Buddy Sound Amplifi er easily fi ts in your pocket or clips to your belt/trousers. Ideal for amplifying conversations with friends or loved ones, this easy to operate amplifi er will allow you to hear what you have been missing. 7 different volume levels and a normal frequency & high frequency setting for different environments. Amplify 55dB+ of sound around you with this lightweight and user friendly sound amplifi er. Digital Rechargeable Hearing Amplifi er FH1048 $429 Sale $299 Features superior digital technology for enhanced sound quality, a super lightweight design and reliable recharging so you never have to worry about replacing batteries again. Features our thinnest ergonomic ear tubes for maximum comfort and is easier to wear for extended periods of time. The unit features Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC) for a more stable sound that suppresses and cushions sudden loud noises and protects human hearing. Automatic noise reduction function and can auto adapt to different settings and Ten level volume adjustments are easy to operate with a simple rocker style method. With a volume memory function, you spend less time adjusting for the right sound. The unit comes equipped with a Charging POD that protects your hearing amplifi ers while recharging. Simply place your hearing amplifi ers in the pod and plug the pod into a USB connection. Deluxe Pedal Exerciser FH1045 $69.99 Sale $49.99 Our new & improved Pedal Exerciser from Forsite Health will keep your blood pumping and increase circulation. New features include sleeker & more compact design as well as an improved digital read out design for ease of use. Take this pedal bike from room to room or on where you travel to ensure you can always get a low impact exercise. Ez Bath Lift AC5786 $899 Sale $569 Features a small footprint and can fi t into most bath tubs. Ideal for those who need extra assistance and comfort getting in and out of the bath. The Hand control is fully waterproof, small, lightweight and can fl oat for ease of use. Suction feet to grasp on to the bathtub for stability come standard and the seat and backrest cover design allows water to drain and is machine washable. PRESIDENT’S SPECIAL! 1 - 8 0 0-520-3259 SAVE $330 PRESIDENT’S SPECIAL!