Community Education - current class catalogs Youth activities and classes - Winter/Spring 2020

! R E T N I W ation duc E y t i n u omm in C 2019 nep n e H - a k Ano l o o h c S y t ommuni C es i t i v i t c A s Youth FAMILY TRIPS 2 Activities and trips  SPORTS 3 Middle school sports  PLAY Recreation, games and fitness EXPLORE Science and technology CREATE Arts, cooking and crafts 4-7 8-9 10-14 LEARN Music, language, chess and safety  15-18 AQUATICS Swimming lessons and open swim  SCHOOLS OUT Arts, cooking and crafts REGISTER  Programs are made possible by Anoka-Hennepin Community Education Community Education funds, including participant fees, paid for the printing and distribution of this publication. Regular K-12 instruction funding was not used. 19-20 21 14