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For Chronically Ill & Disabled (CIAD) Writers & the People Who Love Reading Their Books

Issue 04

Summer Self Care With Alexa Dexa's Sacrosanct Oracle

Connect With Nature: Read Great Nature Writing

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Finding Solace This Summer

Prize Winning Books and Writing Awards

It's award season! Celebrate the latest prize-winning authors and books - and find out about current writing competitions and opportunities to get your writing noticed. You could be a winner...


You don't need to go it alone. Check out the latest bursaries and mentoring opportunities available to writers, whether you're already established or just starting out in your writing career.

Nature has inspired writers throughout time. Connect with nature this summer - even if you're bedliving - with great nature books, poetry and art. Ciadish celebrates some of our favourite CIAD nature writers

Alexa Dexa's sound-inspired musical self care oracle is designed to help you find what you are seeking. Can connecting with art, magic and music help you find some solace this summer?