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Bachelor of Business in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Fundación Universitaria Colombo Internacional-Unicolombo

N° 29 January - March 2023

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Quarterly Publication


Dr. Mario Ramos

Academic Vice Rector

Dr. Álvaro Morales

General Dean

Dra. Brenda Martínez


Yasmira Mercado De Horta


Ángela Raquel Ariza Barrios

María José Garcés Pájaro

Jesús David Espitia Miranda

Eliasib Jiménez Suárez

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Yina Julio Estrada

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Yina Julio Estrada

Dear readers,

2023 promises to be an interesting year. In this edition you will discover the life and learning experiences of some 5th semester students, ready to start their intership experience, what is a new step in their careers.

These students have decided to share their experiences in a natural way: they did not have fears to talk about not only the positive things but also the difficult ones. They know that they have to face all kind of challengers in life, if they want to become bilingual professional.

We also had the oportunity to be part of the 14th Safe Tourism Commitee organized by Icultur, where the special guess was the Vice Minister of Tourism, Arturo Bravo. This commitee reflects the actions that are beeing taken to make of Bolivar a better tourism destination. Enjoy this edition.