The Word of God in Romania 2014.12.14 - The Word of God at the feast of the s

2014.12.14. The Word of God 1 at the feast of the saint Virginia, God’s trumpet 2 On a day of the feast over My establishment during these days on the hearth of the Romanian people, I am writing Myself into My today’s book with a threefold feast, and those in heaven are rejoicing at the table of My word, which is laying down into its book. It is the feast of My church of New Jerusalem, for My trumpet Virginia is the well- wisher of this establishment and she has with her the first apostle I had called to follow Me at the work of apostleship, Andrew, My first disciple, who is celebrated near her, as twenty-three years ago, I had him here on the day of the sealing of the little garden of My word, after I had set in it the shrine, the little white stone, the symbol from the end of the time of the preaching of My word over the earth, and then I sealed this establishment for those in heaven and for the spirit of My word proclaimed here above its little garden to be set into its book and which is to be shared then as food, to the growth of those to whom the Lord reveals Himself to be followed by them, after that their faith in My coming as word on earth comprises those who make their steps on My way of today, to My joy and to the joy of those around, as disciples are needed. I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, I am He Who gives wisdom to man to understand God, as I also gave to My disciples to understand Me with My entire work, when Father had sent Me on earth to do His work among men. I am with the day of the feast on this establishment. On this day of the year, My trumpet Virginia has come among those in heaven, too, (See the selec- tion topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets 3 ”, r.n.) and she has got her community in heaven as she had on earth and she is the patron saint of the people of My word, and together with her was also brought the apostle Andrew, as day after day we celebrate the threefold feast on this mys- terious day; first the day of the sealing of the little garden of My word (December 12, no.), and next to it the day of the feast of the apostle Andrew (December 13, no.), and then the day of My trumpet, (December 14, the New Style, no.), everything in a feast in heaven and on earth, and behold the feast is crowned with My word and theirs, as I, the Lord spend with My saints. I am He Who gives wisdom to man, for I built the man. I am the Builder of man, and man is My building, My making, for without his Maker, man can do many mistakes and he always, always needs wisdom, and behold, the improved life is built slowly, slowly, by many, many mistakes, from which man keeps on learning being helped by God for his making, for man is weak, feeble, and he caught in his mistakes, he is powerless in sadness and sufferance, and his Creator makes him by helping him to fight against everything that stands to capture him and weaken his life. Oh, My people, I would like that man may have wisdom from Me and I would like him to be obedient for his wisdom, because no one gives him wisdom but God. There have been God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 3 You can also see on:!wJkWDKaB!WDh3HPbi0TbWQBaudyme40T23PLy4yxzjIETNAynUG8 lyptic_Trumpets.pdf 1 2 1