The Paddler ezine Issue 50 Autumn/Fall 2019

PADDLER WW rafting in ezine The state of Open canoe crossing of The International magazine for recreational paddlers Issue 50 Autumn/Fall 2019 COSTA RICA Peter Tranter WW KAYAKING Corran Addison Sea kayaking in the SCILLIES Sarah Webster A circumnavigation of IRELAND Tom Thorpe RANNOCH Dave Rossetter Open canoeing in GLASKOGEN Mal Grey Crossing the MINCH Richard Janes Three soldiers SUPing the YUKON QUEST Mike Procter The big THREE Jenny Spencer 24-page autumn issue of CANOE FOCUS The healing power of paddling Welcome to PaddlePoints Olympic team announcement IN PARTNERSHIP WITH BRITISH CANOEING + The coach By Dave Rossetter The human factor By Tom Parker #3 PaddleExpo By Greg Spencer WWWR Summit By Shannon Farley The Lofer Rodeo By Tim Star