How To Remove Mobile Number From Instagram Account How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently

+91 978-395-9155 How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently If you want to Remove Instagram Account, there are two ways for this: (i) Disable Instagram Account and (ii) Delete Instagram Account. We have already explained, how to disable or deactivate your Instagram Account. But there is a big difference between Deactivating or Deleting your Instagram Account. Mashnol tells, If you deactivate or disable your IG Account, then you can again get it back, means you can re-active your Instagram account by just login to Instagram account. But, if you Delete Instagram Account then your identity from Instagram will be removed completely. Instagram does not give you direct option to delete your account from your IG profile. Let’s see how to delete Instagram Account Permanently: As there is no direct option in Instagram, you can not delete your account from Instagram App. you have to go through Instagram Website from your Mobile Brower or Computer System.