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Dearest viewer,

I ask you to pause, to take a jaunt on a path for just a little while.

To remove your hazed eyes, and ignite fresh glowing ones—alight with a curious gaze.

I ask you to, before embarking, take a moment to reflect on your own perception,

Delve into your own conscious perspective.

How long have you thought how you have? What age did your eyes become victim to your head?

When I say the words juvenile delinquent, what do you think?

Where did those words come from, those images—how are your observations rooted in reality?

Have you ever met one of what we speak of? Have you ever opened your heart?

Have you ever heard their stories rather than impart your own part?

Well here’s your call to listen, take off the mask you bare,

This is a safe space where you’re called to reveal, strip yourself of what you’ve known, and instead of simply ingest, participate, and try to repair.

React, allow the words to sink into your bones.

Internalize, the music and the lyrical flow,

Turn your gaze inward and follow, just go.

Our preconceived notions of who these people are,

Allow a system to perpetuate, and for things to continue as they are.

But there is a problem here,

As these voices reveal there is more than just what’s wrapped up in the box,

These are lives we are talking about, and children who just don’t have a shot.

Didn’t have access, or see a way out, didn’t have role models or someone to show an alternate route.