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+91 74128-96446 How To Add A Story To Your Instagram Story Highlights Using Instagram Story feature, you can share your day to day basis amazing and exciting moments with your followers. The only bad part with this feature that your created story will get expire after 24 Hours automatically. For this, Instagram launched a new feature: “Story Highlights” through which you canrelive your favorite Story without any time limit. In ‘Instagram Story Highlights’, you can add your current Story as well as your old stories from the archive section in a single Highlight or multiple Highlights. You can give a unique name or Cover Image for every Instagram Story Highlights. Let’s see in detail about Instagram Story Highlight – How To create, Edit & Delete? You can see these Instagram Story Highlights just below of your Profile Image on your Insta Profile Page, from where you can see your Instagram Story. It’s very easy to add Story to Instagram Story Highlights. Let’s check out following sub-topics related to Story Highlights one by one:- 1. How To Add your Current Story to Story Highlights 2. How To Add Archived Stories to Story Highlights 3. How To Edit or Delete Story Highlights 4. How to know who view my Story Highlights