The Word of God in Romania 2015.01.19 - The Word of God at the feast of Epiph

2015.01.19. The Word of God 1 at the feast of Epiphany 2 It is the feast of Epiphany in heaven and on earth, and I am coming together with the saints here and I am setting the table of word, then I am putting the spirit of holy joy on the table, as I have longed for it, I have waited with longing for this day. I have always waited longingly for the days of the feast to come together with the saints and with those who come here, at My spring of word, to give them from heaven, to give them. Oh, I have great joy when I have near Me those who hear Me and feel Me in My word spoken to give Myself to them. I am Who I am. Thirty years after My birth from the Virgin mother, I appeared at river Jordan to be shown to the world that came there in great multitudes two thousand years ago to hear John the Baptizer, the one who was calling all to come so that he might preach them about Me that I come with the kingdom of the heavens on earth and to teach them to get ready for it and then to let themselves be seized within it. Oh, what a great moment was there for those in heaven! Oh, how great was the voice of My Father, Who confessed Me before those who were crowding the banks of the Jordan, coming from every place for repentance and for their baptism with water! Oh, peace to you with Me here, and with those in heaven, with whom I walk! Peace to you, as you have come all your way to the spring at the feast of Epiphany! I have spread your way with heavenly hosts. Oh, peace to you! Behold, you are welcomed. We are together at the descending of the Holy Spirit upon waters. We are sitting at a prepared table and the assembly room has been filled, and I get comforted and give you comfort as well, and I am giving you of My Spirit to fulfill and to be like Me through Him to My comfort, as My lack of comfort is great, great all over. Oh, open yourselves for Me and for My great grace! It is the feast of Epiphany over waters and upon you. Become My joy. My love cries after all people on earth who do no longer follow Me to heal them from emptiness and to have them as Mine after that. I rejoice and I get comforted when I speak to you. I comfort My longing when you come together at My bosom here, at the people of My word, at the one who shares Me with you. Behold, the heavenly hosts rejoice over My comfort as they know My pain and know what I have to do to comfort it. Oh, peace to you, people from the spring! Oh, sons, you have been working hard for My joy, for My comfort, which I have on Me whenever I have the occasion to meet you here, and to meet those who come to the spring to receive. Oh, I am in all your words spoken to Me and I fulfill them, sons. When you ask for My grace upon waters, I fulfill once with your spoken word. Behold, the water is being blessed and it is sanctified in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and it is given to be blessed and then to the cleansing that the water of Epiphany does all the time. My voice is speaking with much wisdom the word and then the fulfillment of the word for all those things that you may ask for My blessing and for My fulfillment, sons. 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1