Age Comfort Winter 2019 Catalogue

W Micro Plush Electric Throw AC6143 $89.99 Sale $82.99 Wrap yourself in warmth! • Throw Size: 50” X 62” • Material: Micro Plush, 100% Polyester • 10 Heat Settings • Machine Washable Egg Sitter AC6155 $57.99 Sale $49.99 It supports your backside and spine so well that you can sit on an egg without breaking it. Its honeycomb design is made of ultra-fl ex polymer. Includes a free non-slip washable cover No Spill Large Ice Tray Winter Storm Cleats Slip Ons • Safe and Secure Traction On Ice and Snow • Storm Gear Ice Cleats Provide Sturdy Traction For All Ice Conditions • One Size - fi ts all shoes and boots An elegant piece for any bathroom, shower or sauna. This Shower Bench provides maximum support as well as practicality with its smooth texture and storage shelf below. • Size: 19” x 10” x 17.7” • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs 20 r C at 19 a l og ue AC5863 $79.99 Sale $54.99 This double button folding walker features 5” wheels and rubber feet for the utmost convenience and independence on diffi cult terrain. • Adjustable height • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs AC5866 $17.99 Sale $11.99 Bamboo Shower Bench te Deluxe Folding Walker with Wheels AC6151 $11.99 Sale $8.99 This large Ice cube tray allows you to carry trays without spilling. The small opening provides easy water fi ll-up. The clear cover also allows you to easily stack multiple ice cube trays on top of each other to occupy less space in your freezer. AC6146 $99.99 Sale $79.99 in Day Light Classic Light Therapy DL930 $199 Sale $179 The Day Light provides optimal light therapy and is clinically proven to treat Mood swings, Jet Lag / Shift Work Adjustment, Circadian Sleep Disorders, SAD and the Winter Blues, PMS and Antepartum Blues, Non-seasonal Depression as well as reduce food cravings, especially for carbohydrates. Extra-Long Massaging Heat Wrap. AC6156 $82 Sale $79.99 Thermapulse Relief Wrap is the extra-long massaging heat wrap that helps soothe sore muscles and achy joints from your neck and shoulders down to your lower back! Penetrating heat combined with vibrating massage work to comfort, soothe and relax muscles and joints leaving you feeling relaxed & rejuvenated! • Easy To Use Digital Control! • Soft Micro Plush. • Magnetic Clasp. • 2 Hour Auto-Off. Sale prices valid until March 8 th , 2019 1 - 8 0 0-520-3259